Tanya & Matt Walk the Line

Matt and I first met and decided to work together at a leadership course. As part of this process, we were required to climb 30 feet in the air and walk across a rope in tandem as we taught a course we’d designed in four minutes to our audience on the ground. To do this, we both had to be fully responsible for our relationship: the minute one of us stepped out of taking 100% responsibility for our impact on each other or our relationship we tended to lose our balance on the rope and both of us risked falling to the ground. In these instances, only by having an awareness of what the other person needed and providing it (flexibility or strength) were we able to right ourselves and successfully walk the line together. While this experience provided us with direct and immediate feedback when we weren’t taking full responsibility for our impact on each other or our relationship, less physical interactions provide us with the same type of feedback. We only need to attune to it and use it to make new choices around how we’re interacting with others to create the outcomes we desire. 

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