Lead from Your Heart: The Art of Relationship-based Leadership

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Book Cover of "Lead From Your Heart"

What people are saying about Lead from Your Heart:

This highly practical and beautifully written book affirms my belief that our most valuable currency is relationship and that the conversation is the relationship.  Better yet, it shows us how to have those conversations, providing real life examples about issues all of us can relate to.  As a bonus, if you want to learn how to move from WTF to SWN, you’ll have to read it to find out.  It will be worth it. 

– Susan Scott
Author of Fierce Conversations, Achieving Success at Work & in Life – One Conversation at a Time

As we move into the fullness of the 21st century, how we relate to each other is the imperative of our time. This book is a testimony to the power of collaborative partnership and clear directive on the vital importance of finding our way through and beyond what divides us. In Lead from Your Heart: The Art of Relationship-based Leadership, authors Tanya Schecter and Matthew Gould offer an accessible and yet profound model that shows us how to strengthen our relationships by understanding how to embrace conflict, disagree creatively and lead from our hearts… together.

– Karen and Henry Kimsey-House
Co-Founders, The Co-Active Training Institute

Insightful and engaging! Lead from Your Heart is the ultimate guide to empathetic leadership. Tanya and Matthew show how relationships and trust are the true center of good leadership that will help you lead better and achieve more than ever before. 

– Marshall Goldsmith,
New York Times #1 bestselling author of Triggers, Mojo, and What Got You Here Won’t Get You There, and Thinkers 50 #1 Executive Coach and only two-time #1 Leadership Thinker in the world.

This is a book for anyone who cares about their relationships. It is clear and concisely written with excellent strategies for addressing conflict and deepening connections. An excellent tool for managers, relationship therapists, parents and couples.

– Dr. Marilee Sigal, PsyD RCC
Relationship & Sex Therapist

I ate this book up! It’s an absolute must-read for those who want to foster value driven relationships both personally and professionally. Tanya and Matt have created a powerful and practical roadmap for living our values and fostering authentic and loving connections with those around us. What I love most is that Lead From Your Heart provides clear and actionable steps for building relationships that are positive, awake, and forward moving. Super practical steps: transformational results. I’m so grateful they have brought this to the world!

– Rachel Scott. MSci & MFA
Consultant, Educator and Author of Head over Heels: A Yogi’s Guide to Dating

Meaningful relationships are THE foundation of successful businesses… we wouldn’t be half the business we are today if we hadn’t learned how to strengthen relationships, navigate conflict and build trust. Lead from Your Heart is THE book to read if you want to build your skills in these areas! 

– Brian Scudamore
Founder & CEO, O2E Brands & 1-800-GOT-JUNK?

In my work with executives, conflict and relationships are consistent areas of focus for our development and coaching conversations. There are a host of assessments that help identify styles and diagnose the situation. There are fewer resources that provide guidance on “how” to improve the relationship and engage conflict to deepen it. Lead from Your Heart goes beyond other books by providing a map and a set of practical tools to build and deepen relationships that are needed, not just to get results but to unlock the potential and passion of employees, peers, and partners. It’s worth the time to read and, even more important, the investment of time to apply. You will be a better leader, colleague, and partner because of it!

– Karen Mathre, PCC
Director, Leadership and Coaching Multinational Medical Technology Company

The greatest gift Lead from Your Heart gives us is the invitation to take responsibility for ourselves and our relationships in service of creating positive change. Tanya and Matthew skillfully share real-life examples that read like a novel, while cementing the universal truth about relationships – that we are all interconnected and interdependent. This book is easy to navigate, with tools, key take-aways, and practical applications that anyone can use to start transforming their relationships today. 

– Alia Allison, CPCC 
Director, Talent Development, Gap Inc. 

In a world that has gone more-than-slightly mad, Lead from Your Heart: The Art of Relationship-based Leadership is a powerful call back to center. To a center where we are not alone, and from which we can always lead: the fluid and ever-changing waters of relationship. The solutions to today’s problems will come from those who can create from and through our connection, and this is the way that Tanya and Matthew point to with their inspired leadership model. Timeless and forward-looking, Lead from Your Heart is a path to a future where we all belong.  

– Molly Flanagan, PCC, CPCC, ORSCC
Capacity Development Officer, United Nations Department of Operational Support

If we want to succeed in life and in business, we need to build strong relationships, have compassion for others and communicate effectively. Yet at some point, for all of us, even our best relationships can be challenging. Lead From Your Heart: The Art of Relationship-based Leadership provides a powerful roadmap and thoughtful tools you can implement immediately to enhance both your personal and professional relationships. I encourage everyone to read this insightful book and put into practice the solution-based approach that Tanya and Matthew have created.

– Stephanie Colegrove, MBA, CPCU, CPCC, ACC
Executive Coach & Speaker, Former Operations Vice President, State Farm Insurance 

As humans, organizations, and systems interact on a global scale, our world is calling for a more generous way of being together. We must shift from being certain and right about ourselves to being curious and open with each other. Lead from Your Heart: The Art of Relationship-based Leadership provides a framework and language that helps us improve and leverage the most powerful resource we have as humans — our relationships.  

– Trina Hamilton, M.Ed., CPCC, ACC
Executive Coach, Former Head of Leadership Development, Coast Capital Savings

I have always said, ‘Don’t promote people to leadership positions unless they sincerely like people!’ Salaries and bonuses don’t motivate engagement. People give their best efforts and generate important ideas when they feel safe and cared about by their leaders, especially in difficult times when emotions are high. Lead From Your Heart maps out what leaders must do to connect both with themselves and others to create the meaningful connections that inspire great work. It should become a classic guide to follow world-wide.

-Marcia Reynolds, PsyD
Past global chair of the International Coach Federation and author of Coach the Person, Not the Problem: A User’s Guide to Reflective Inquiry

Lead from Your Heart masterfully slays the myth that leadership is a solo mission. Packed with insights and useful techniques, Tanya Schecter and Matthew Gould provide a wonderful playbook to get you leading through your relationships, grounded by values and enacted by key responsibilities.

-Dan Pontefract
Leadership strategist and author of LEAD. CARE. WIN.

Do you ever wish that you had a way to navigate conflict more effectively? Well, here’s your guide. Drawing on Co-Active Leadership principles and ideas from Brene Brown, John Gottman and others, Tanya Schecter and Matthew Gould have created a beautiful model, guide  and process for learning how to create empowered relationships and true leadership with heart, smarts and clarity. 

– Cynthia Loy Darst, MFA, MCC ORSCC
Author of Meet Your Inside Team: How To Turn Internal Conflict Into Clarity and Move Forward With Your Life

In business, as in life, we get things done with and through other people. In our mad rush for efficiency and effectiveness, we sometimes forget that the quality of our relationships largely determines our success or failure. Lead From The Heart: The Art of Relationship-based Leadership offers a doorway into being in relationship with one another – and ourselves – with a powerful map that leads us back to connection and meaningful collaboration when our relationships go sideways. It provides actionable ways to practice being in relationship, first with ourselves and what is most important to us, then with others as we become more conscious of our impact on and with others. Using the HTI Relationship Map, Tanya and Matt take us on a journey of leadership from the inside out, and illustrate it with real-world examples that demonstrate its effectiveness. Lead From The Heart is foundational must-read for leaders ready to take full responsibility for their world and their connection to others.

– Carlo Delumpa, CPCC
Leadership and Executive Coach, and Faculty Member for the Co-Active Training Institute

Whether you’re leading a movement, a family or a business Lead From Your Heart will give you the roadmap you need to get where you’re going, as your truest, purest, highest self. You’ll get what’s needed for relationship health, and the essential tools to deepen your practices. Matt and Tanya courageously share the words of their very own hearts for the sake of our collective relationships.

-Kasey Matz, MA, ACC, ORSCC, CDWF
Leadership Coach and Project Director, University of Colorado