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Successful leaders all have something in common: they put people and relationships first. And, like you, they were not born with the skills to do so. Their desire for mutual success and results drives them to seek out the most valuable training, leadership experiences, and impactful coaches to help everyone win. We believe in wholehearted continuous learning and that business and life are an intertwined leadership and development training. Our leadership and development courses reflect our core philosophy: relationships are a shared responsibility. Here’s what you can expect from an HTI course.


HTI is committed to bringing world-class content to every course, no matter what. All our experiences incorporate a powerful combination of proven HTI propriety methodologies and knowledge from experts around the world. By your first break, you have practical skills and tools that you can immediately apply to transform your relationships and leadership results. By the time you leave, you’re fully equipped to make a massive difference in your world.


Content is available everywhere. Putting it into usable context is what we do best. HTI’s courses involve engaging hands-on experiential learning that incorporates your real-life experiences and shared stories. Our uniquely interactive and supportive learning environments foster connection and empower you to take action for new and lasting results.


Content and context alone won’t change your life. Making a decision to practice what you’ve learned and taking action will. Intentional growth is only possible through inspired commitment. HTI’s courses set you up for massive success by anchoring your commitment and supporting you as you execute your decision. It’s up to you, it’s up to us. It works simply when we work it, together.

Between learning and applying is a choice. It’s in that choice that you have the power to grow.

Knowledge without action is only a textbook. Leadership without relationships is only a title. At HTI, all of our courses are designed to give you tools, the space to practice them, and the confidence to choose to create the relationships you want to have and have the impact you want to make.