HTI’s proprietary and powerful combination of experiential learning, coaching, and supporting resources are designed to strengthen your leadership abilities and relationship results. Build the relationships and experiences you desire, one positive interaction at a time.

Whether you simply need additional tools and skills to navigate your existing relationships, or you are searching for more connection, collaboration, and fulfillment from your relationships, HTI’s personal Relationship Map and powerful leadership training help you make it happen. From experiential learning workshops to 1:1 leadership development coaching, the HTI Institutes’ proven Map and navigation methodologies help you make better decisions and realize your desired outcomes. Take the first step toward extreme ownership today.

When you make the choice to attend any of HTI’s experiences, you commit to a journey of growth and take intentional action towards your purpose that’s in alignment with your values.

HTI Coaches collaborates with you and for you. Together, we look at your current state and lean into creating your ultimate vision. Using HTI’s revolutionary Map and navigation methods, your coach holds you capable of leading while you commit to holding yourself accountable to what is possible.


Strengthen your relationship muscles on your own time with HTI’s Instagram posts, LinkedIn articles, and soon to be published leadership book.

My Best Self is a six-month experience in which you master the skills required to positively impact all your relationships. This course sets you on a path to absolute empowerment by fundamentally altering your thoughts, feelings, and chosen actions. Lean into the HTI Relationship Cornerstones that are foundational for high performing leaders. Learn to identify behaviours that create conflict and disengagement and choose powerful actions that positively contribute to every relationship.

These short educational webinars are a simple and effective way to experience the power of the HTI Institute’s methodologies at your convenience. An introduction to the HTI Map, Navigation tool, and Cornerstones inspires you to immediately make an impact. Join alone. Attend together with your whole team. Results are tangible.