HTI, Hearts Together Inspire, was born out of Tanya and Matt’s experiences in their personal and professional lives. Having experienced and witnessed a ton of disfunction resulting from relational conflict in business settings, they realized that the quality of people’s relationships dictate their quality of life at work and at home and that there must be a better way to navigate conflict and win together.

Once they realized that relationships are the core of everything, they were inspired to contribute to creating possibilities for great relationships regardless of the conditions encountered. Tanya and Matt believe that great relationships allow the best version of ourselves to emerge so that we can step into excellence. They now work collaboratively with others to amplify creativity and create a world that we all want to live in, one that’s filled with unlimited possibilities. Ultimately, they believe that together, we’re exponentially better.  


Tanya and Matt developed HTI’s proven leadership and relationship map and navigation methodology to serve this. These accessible tools allow people, no matter what the situation, to not only survive conflict and disconnection but recover from it and thrive, while remaining in connection and striving for greatness. The work they do shifts people’s lives and relationships in a more positive direction, at work and at home, with ripple effects outwards. The stronger our relationships, the more easily we can focus on achieving our desired goals, together. Tanya and Matt are driven by a passion for your results.

our commitment

  • Relentless collaboration with you.
  • Committing, staying, learning from failure, and trying again until we collectively get it right.
  • Growing with each other.
  • Helping you create outstanding relationships as the foundation for all your outcomes.
  • Always holding the bar high, even when you want to lower it.
  • Adding massive value.
  • Mining the power of relationships and making them matter everywhere and all the time.
  • Helping you create amazing stories that are told about your culture and leaders.


We’re fully invested in helping you achieve your future goals and intend to have a significant impact on everyone we work with. We partner fully with you to collaboratively create strong relationship-based leaders, at work and at home, so that your desired results are achieved. We have a strong methodology that’s flexible enough to meet you where you’re at and integrate other skills and tools, those we provide and those you already possess.


To contribute to a world where relationship-based leadership is the foundation of humankind and an action-based responsibility for everyone to own.


To strengthen leaders’ abilities to leverage tools and techniques that improve their relationships – one conversation and tool at a time.


A world that’s powered by a hearts together way of being.


together we are better.

perpetual curiosity.

give and receive abundantly.

transparent alignment with values.