Access the Power of Inclusivity

Regardless of the business you are engaged in, you face competition, complexity, and challenges. In your personal life, you experience daily adversity scattered amongst the glimmers of progress and success. Both personally and professionally, everything you do and every interaction you have takes energy as you wake up, dress up, and show up to the present moments. Energy includes physical energy as well as emotional, mental, spiritual, and any other kind of energy you can think of that powers our human spirit.

Where two or more people are gathered, energy is consumed and created.

We are relational creatures on an experiential journey. To run our lives and contribute to our relationships (self, families, coworkers, clients, all) a full tank of fuel is perpetually necessary and yet it seems like we are running on empty much of the time. Simply breathing and reading this post takes energy. Working in your dynamic industry and delivering your craft takes energy. Add in parenting, volunteering, and all the financial responsibilities you have in your 168-hour weekly cycle and it is no wonder we are looking for tips and hacks. Enter the 24/7 hyper-connected world and you know the energy it takes to navigate the onslaught of information, engage in the unprecedented space of social media, and figure out what is real and what is fake. There are no void spaces in which to think.

What if one single word could be a source of more positive energy? What if one word could instantly add enriched fuel to you and your relationships? What if a simple three letter word could also conserve energy and eliminate wasted energy that leaks out each day?

What if the replacement of one three letter word with a supercharged three letter word could bring a magnifying focus to you, act as a multiplier to leverage the power of our collective energy, and deliver a turbocharge to your personal and professional purpose and objectives?

The word is AND.

After 11 years of studying and practicing the use of this one word we are enjoying these benefits every day. The teams and leaders we collaborate with are utilizing it in their lives to maximize their collective energy in service of their common purpose and shared goals. The results are incredible.

The word we have been successfully eliminating is BUT.

AND’s superpowers and attributes are infinite and using it effectively in all relationships has immediate impacts.

As you look at the energy and intentional effort it takes to collaborate as a team and strive relentlessly towards your purpose and measurable objectives, you may want to consider looking more closely at this concept. Based on all the relationships you are involved in and what you are trying to achieve, you may want to begin to intentionally incorporate the use of AND while simultaneously replacing the word BUT from your proactive and reactive communication. 

Relationships and our daily experiences are dynamic. And incorporates the ability to adapt and change. And invites making an abundant array of available adjustments when obstacles and setbacks appear. And invites realizing future potential beyond what we think is possible when stuck in a fixed and exclusive outlook.

And is a truly life enriching and relationship impacting. It sets the stage for creating extraordinary results.

To learn more about this very subtle and extremely effective word and how to incorporate it into your world, reach out and let’s get into action together.

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